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Supported trading platforms

ForeStock runs on the multitude of trading platforms. Installation instructions are specific for each platform. Please find your platform in the list below and follow instructions for it.

To install on Ninja Trader, please follow these steps:

  1. Install Ninja Trader
  2. Install ForeStock
  3. Enter license keys for all components
  4. Open Ninja Trader
  5. Use menu: File > Utilities > Import NinjaScript
  6. Select “” in setup directory and confirm import
  7. Ignore warnings on external assemblies. They are all preconfigured by our installer

Open chart and add indicator to it. Type algorithm name exactly as specified an the list of available algorithms.



To deploy ForeStock on TradeStation, please follow these steps:

  1. Install TradeStation 2000i or above
  2. Install ForeStock
  3. Enter license keys for all components
  4. Run ForeStock setup for Trade Station
  5. Programs > StockFusion > StockFusion for Trade Station
  6. There will appear import wizard screen. Select all objects for import and confirm.

Watch imported functions in Easy Language editor. Use provided functions as templates for your own functions and strategies.



To deploy on Metastock, please follow these steps:

  1. Install Metastock 7 or above
  2. Install ForeStock
  3. Enter license keys for all components
  4. Run ForeStock setup for Metastock
    Programs > StockFusion > StockFusion for Metastock

After import succeeds, you will watch ForeStock indicators and experts inside Metastock. They all begin with word: "ForeStock - ". There are offered distinct indicators for all algorithms we have and only one truly schematic expert for illustration. All code is open, so user is expected to develop own extensions based on these patterns.

To use ForeStock in Metastock formulas you must call external functions in StckFusion extension DLL. Simple example of such external call:

ExtFml( "EEMetaSt.AuraEngine", ARIMA )



To deploy ForeStock on MultiCharts, please follow these steps:

  1. Install MultiCarts.
  2. Install ForeStock.
  3. Enter license keys for all components.
  4. Open the MultiCharts PowerLanguage Editor.
  5. Click on the File drop down menu.
  6. Click on Import.
  7. Navigate to installation directory and locate there file “StockFusion.eld”
  8. Highlight and Open it.
  9. Import studies will appear with the Function and Signal listed.
  10. Click OK to confirm import.
  11. Click the Compile drop down menu.
  12. Click on All Uncompiled.
  13. Open a chart and insert the Signal.
  14. To change predictors, rename in the Inputs section of Format Signal.



Stocks & Commodities

Unraveling the Mystery
of Stock Prices

Boris G. Zinchenko

Here’s a simple method you can apply to interpret financial charts. It uses classical statistics as well as a number of simple chart indicators, which may help you better understand classical charts from the viewpoint of random processes.

Every trader is familiar with stock charts. To most traders the chart is just a common tool, like a hammer is to the carpenter. The exception is the new trader reading charts for the first time or the advanced trader who begins to question the value of the charts he or she watches.

Although financial charts can be vivid and attractive, they do tend to have contradictions with modern statistics. The charts can introduce dubious and unstable measures, which in turn become the basis of popular trading strategies. This could increase the risk of your trading operations. further in

Stocks & Commodities V. 28:3 (10-16)


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